Tepat One-Step RT-qPCR Multiplex Kit

Ready-to-use 10X master mix optimized for multiplex RT-qPCR reactions

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* Custom sizes can be provided upon request. 

Manufactured at Cellbae’s Singapore facilities, which are certified to ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices ‒ Quality Management Systems


Tepat One-Step RT-qPCR Multiplex Kit is designed for sensitive, high-specificity, high-precision one-step RT-qPCR especially for the detection of pathogens from biological swabs and environmental samples. The 1-vial composition simplifies reaction assembly, requiring only addition of primers, probes and target DNA/RNA. The polymerase is activated by hot-start. The master mix has been optimised for short reverse transcription hold time and has been validated for up to 5-plex RT-qPCR.



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